Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 8- A shower for Elizabeth!

We are so blessed. Our sweet church family gave us a shower this past Saturday for Elizabeth. Sooo many wonderful ladies showed up and I had the best time with them!!!

The yummy cake for the shower was from Balloon Delights in Thomson. I think this is the CUTEST cake! Years ago, I saw them decorating the cake in their store and commented that I wanted a cake just like that if I ever had a baby shower. Well, they remembered and this cake was at the shower on Saturday!!! Not only is it simply adorable, but it tastes HEAVENLY!!!

The "cake" looking thing is a diaper cake!! Yes, a cake made of diapers!! The lady that made this took time to roll up 90, yes NINETY, diapers and stack them all up to look like a big tiered cake!!!! She lovingly wrapped it in ribbon and fastened so many little things around the cake for decoration- hair bands, socks, scrunchies for bathtime, hair bows, etc. It was topped with a stuffed bunny rabbit that plays "Jesus Loves Me" when you squeeze him! It was SO lovely and I hate the thought of taking it apart.

I truly had a fantastic time and was so very happy to spend those few hours with family and friends.

We are so very blessed indeed!!!!!

Katie has the exact same bunny! That is her first song that I sang to her and she loves to listen to her bunny sing it too. See they both have so much in common besides just being southern girls!
Posted by: Kim on February 8, 2007 at 12:10 P.M.

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