Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26- More Observations from Todd

The reason that I choose to post observations is for those of you that know me I do not care for a lot of details. I need the jest of it and I am fine. Most of you know what I mean. Too many details and I am gone.

-Fatherhood is still a WONDERFUL thing-America is a great place to be from and live-Being able to put your toothbrush under the faucet's water is a great thing

-On that note; the first toothbrush is believed to have been invented in China

-Philly cheesesteaks twice in a row from the same americanized delivery place in China named Danny's can do amazing things with your colon. Hey, I'm just being honest

-Almost all men that I have seen smoke. I have not seen one woman that smokes. It is looked down on for women to smoke.

-Baked Beans on a breakfast buffet??

-I am convinced that the water that comes out of the faucet is from the Pearl River Delta

-If you have not been to China and are planning to come you better learn the game Charades.

-Elizabeth sleeps through the night!!

More later...

I have enjoyed reading your observations! They take me back to China and I can get a good chuckle knowing excatly what you mean. I'm so glad that Elizabeth slept through the night!!! That's wonderful. Neither one of ours did the first night.Have a great day!!
Posted by: Melissa Ward on February 25, 2007 at 03:38 P.M.
I love you family photo!!! I have to agree with Melissa, it's nice to relive this through you and know that we are all normal when it comes to cultural submersion. Those crazy people that say, "it was the best time of my life, I loved every minute of it!!!", must have gotten alot of crazy genes.I did however enjoy the time spent and feel very blessed to have had the experience, it makes you realize how fabulous we have it here in the USA!!!!I promise, when you look back a year from noww, as we are doing, you will realize how much fun you really did have and what a blessing the entire experience is. We are at that point now.I am happy to hear that Miss E. is sleeping through the night and hope she continues to do so. You will need her to do that when you lag back here at home................Sals
Posted by: Sally on February 25, 2007 at 05:09 P.M.
Praise the Lord-She sleeps through the night. What a wonderful thing to hear.Also, they had the baked beans on the buffet 2 years ago too. We stuck with the omelets, chicken nuggets and tator tots. Enjoy that sweet bundle of love!
Posted by: Kim O on February 25, 2007 at 07:51 P.M.
Your PW sisters have been praying for you, and continue to do so. And they are REJOICING in the Lord with you - thanking Him for blessing you with such a precious, precious wee girl. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! And so are you Shari. How absolutely delightful to see you cradling your darling baby, holding her, feeding her, loving her. Your photos have made me weep with Joy - for all of you.Speaking of photos, how surprised I was to see you have some posted already. You must've received Elizabeth on Sunday night (China time). I was certain you said you'd be receiving her Monday. How absolutely lovely that you didn't have to wait that extra night. Methinks you'd waited long enough!Congratulations to you all. Surely our God is good - all the time!!!Blessings,Debbie
Posted by: Debbie Yuck on February 25, 2007 at 09:18 P.M.
Hurray!!! I finally checked your site and am rejoicing with you! Can't wait to meet your daughter... Thanks for all your great posts and pictures. Almost makes me feel like I'm there (except I can run my toothbrush under my faucet). ;-)
Posted by: Kirsten on February 25, 2007 at 10:55 P.M.

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