Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29- Big Brother Is Going Back well.. eventually

What can I say? So much has changed since we have arrived home. Elizabeth has grown into a sweet, one-year old baby. I’m so excited that she is getting the hang of walking, but hasn’t abandoned crawling. Sometimes, I wish we were back in the hotel with her on the bed playing with her cups. We are all very protective of her and will always be there for her. It won’t be long before she is always walking and talking. Then I will wonder where the time went. Oh yeah, I left it back in China. Overnight she is going to grow up on us even though I wish she wouldn’t. I love to come home from work and see her smile and laugh. I love having her give me kisses on the cheek. Surely there are no sweeter kisses than that of a baby who loves and trusts you.

Now that we are back in America, I see some of the differences from here and China. All humans are focused on looks, but Americans are terrible about it. Elizabeth is a very cute child with a great personality; but Americans cannot help but stop us ALL the time and gaze. They are spellbound by her looks. We all desire to tell these people that looks aren’t everything. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. We don’t want her to have a big head when she grows up thinking she walked out of a magazine. We want her to become a follower of Christ and be a godly lady. I wish Americans could see that the heart is more important than the outside appearance (1 Samuel 16:7). We pray that her heart will be in strong in the Lord’s values and not in the world’s values.

It’s really funny, but when I came back to the States my claim to fame was eating the Frog Cream (AKA Frog Jelly). Adoption friends, church members, family, and co-workers were in disbelief that I did such a thing. I understand Anthony Bourdain. He made this statement: “I’m a chef, restaurant owner, published author, world traveler, but no, people only remember me for eating a cobra heart.” I understand him because I’m remembered for the Frog Jelly, even though I’m not a chef, published author, nor restaurant owner. I guess the Frog Jelly is my only claim to fame. That is why I have provided the actual video for you.

Homesick isn’t the right word. I miss China like I have a home there. It’s almost as if my house was in the White Swan and Shamian Island was my home away from home. Both of my parents and myself long to go back to China at least one more time: specifically Guangzhou. It really does feel like we have left our “book” of China incomplete. It feels like we have one more chapter to read, or go through. We believe that if we can go back one more time, it may satisfy our longing. I have promised myself- that Lord willing- I will go back before I die. China left an amazing, unexplainable impression on me. What was it that stole my heart? I have no idea. It must have been Elizabeth, the group, the experience, the local friends we made, the challenges, the scenery, and our developing daily routine. I secretly fear that nothing will be the same when I return and I will be disappointed. But, I thrive on the hope that my China journeys will be complete if I can go back at least one more time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 2- Elizabeth's 1st Birthday!!!!

Today we celebrated Elizabeth's 1st birthday!!!
Of course, we let her "play" in her birthday cake (which was made by our sweet friend, Mrs. Phyllis), but she didn't seem to know what to do with it. She tasted it, thought it was "okay" but preferred green beans over cake. What???? I think Daddy has had TOO much influence over her!! Where's my daughter's sweet tooth?? Maybe it just hasn't come in yet???? :)
Mr. Don, the music director in our church, brought Elizabeth some roses from his garden for her birthday. They are Queen Elizabeth roses and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Elizabeth is quite taken with Mr. Don and each time he stands up to lead music, she notices nothing else except for Mr. Don. I think she's awfully young for developing a crush, don't you??
Elizabeth can walk when she holds onto something like the sofa or coffee table or our fingers. We bought her a walker so that she can push it and walk with it! As you can tell by the picture, she had a blast walking with it!!!
Elizabeth LOVES her big brother (who is really spoiling her, I might add!!!). He made sure she had a special present from him, too.
Elizabeth is the sweetest little girl in the world. Everyday I thank God for choosing us to be her family. I LOVE being her mommy and think it's the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!
Happy 1st Birthday, Elizabeth Ann!!! We love you soo!!!!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!!!!
Posted by: Melissa Ward on May 3, 2007 at 05:18 A.M.
i hope you enjoyed the special music i sent tuesday nighti picked it out my self. Happy birthday
Posted by: walter on May 3, 2007 at 03:02 P.M.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
Posted by: Becky McGhee on May 4, 2007 at 06:08 A.M.
Happy Birthday Miss Elizabeth!!!Kelli
Posted by: Kelli on May 5, 2007 at 07:51 P.M.
There's the birthday girl!
Posted by: Big Brother on May 7, 2007 at 06:41 A.M.
Oh my she is just beautiful. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
Posted by: trina on May 8, 2007 at 07:28 P.M.
Dear Elizabeth,You and our sweet Cherish Faith share a birthday. She turned 5 on May 2nd. Happy 1st Birthday Precious Little Girl.Debbie
Posted by: Debbie Yuck on May 11, 2007 at 03:46 P.M.
Hello to you all! Happy 1st Birthday Elizabeth - Wow you truly are beautiful! I love her hair and the bow. Ella too is walking along holding onto hands, couch, chairs etc. We also got her a push toy which she loves. Keep up the good work - Love, Paul, Laura, Evan & Ella
Posted by: Lazar Family on May 15, 2007 at 07:04 A.M.
Getting more and more beautiful all the time! Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! Her hair is getting so long. She'll have a ponytail by the end of the summer. Love being able to keep up with all these wonderful Yangchun girls!love to you all,Jill, Mike and Maya!!
Posted by: Jill on May 16, 2007 at 08:35 A.M.