Saturday, December 30, 2006

Timeline of adoption

We've had many people ask us just how long this journey to Elizabeth has taken. These are the major dates that occur with an adoption from China.

When we began this journey, we were originally told that it would be only a 6 month wait from LID to referral. As you can see, it's been 15+ months since our LID. Thankfully, we know that the Lord is the One who determines these dates and He will most certainly make sure that our Elizabeth is with us at precisely the moment that He has decided. What a great Lord He is!!!!

Mailed in application to CCAI - 4/15/2005
USCIS fingerprints- 6/16/2005
Homestudy completed- 7/19/2005
Received 171H- 8/06/2005
Dossier sent to CCAI- 8/18/2005
Dossier to China (DTC)- 8/25/2005
Logged in system in China (LID) - 9/12/2005
Homestudy update- 10/30/2006
Refingerprinted- 11/01/2006
Received new 171H (old one expires 2/02/2006)
still waitingReferral of Elizabeth Ann Upchurch-????

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